Vocal Camp

with Esther Hart, Ralph van Manen en Talitha Nawijn.

Las Negras, Andalusia, Spain |  -


A summary of this week.

If singing is your passion, this is your week!  Expect to do a lot of inspired singing.

But also zoom in on vocal techniques, items as ‘how to keep your voice in shape’, ‘how to overcome stage-fright’ and ‘how to stretch your vocal abilities’. Start off everyday with the goodmorning-choir, straight after breakfast.

This camp is for both non-pro’s ánd professionals, but not for absolute beginners. Reading music is helpful, but not a must. Having some good tone-memory is definitely handy!


13-17 oct 2019, Las Negras, Andalusia, Spain

It was a fantastic vocal camp in sunny Andalusia! Enjoy the video! Camps in 2017- you'd better be fast ?:19-25 Feb. (Temp:18-21 degrees)15-21 Oct. (Temp:21-28 degrees)Apply to www.lasnegrascamps.com or mail to info@lasnegrascamps.com. Any questions? Please let us know

Geplaatst door Las Negras Camps op Dinsdag 1 november 2016


  • Transfers Airport – Hotel vice versa.
  • Breakfastbuffet, lunchbuffet, 2 x dinner including drinks(first and last evening)
  • Price is based on a double room. Extra cost for single room: + €150
  • Hotelfacilities, swimming pool etc.
  • Vocal workshops


  • Airticket (we’ll give a fligh advice connected to the shuttle bus)
  • Cancellation and Travel insurance(recommended)
  • Optional: activities like diving, mountainbiking, snorkeling etc
  • Spa and fitnessfacilities available at your own costs in a hotel across the street.

“Let yourself be inspired by the Mediterranean way of life.”



Transfer with shuttle bus.

We will give a flightadvice connected to the shuttle bus.


Welcome meet ‘n’ greet with tapas and drinks.

day 2-4

8:00 – 9:00


9:30 – 11:00

Goodmorning choir! 

A vocal warming up by Talitha! A super workout!

11:00 – 13:00

Digging deeper workshops

With Ralph, Talitha and Esther. Here we treat topics like ‘how to keep your voice in shape’, ‘how to overcome stage-fright’, ‘how to stretch your vocal abilities’. And we don’t just base ourselves to one vocal-coaching theory, we’ll bring you the best of all!

13:00 – 16:00

Lunch and siesta!

16:00 – 18:00

Optional: Small Groups Singing with Talitha, Esther and Ralph

20:00 – 21:00

Las Negras Dinner Time!

21:30 – 23:00

Open podium and bar & Friday “Goodbye” Spanish evening

day 5






Leave with the shuttle bus to the airport

Vocal Coaches

Talitha Nawijn

Talitha is a (jazz) singer and Master Teacher in Estill Voice Training, a worldwide known vocal method. She knows everything about singing and what you can reach with your voice. She has her own Vocal School “The Voicelab” where she gives training for individuals as well as for groups. She conducts (black)gospelchoirs for many years now and recorded 3 solo CD’s. Her motto? Freedom, skills and having a lot of fun!


ralph (2)
Ralph van Manen

Ralph van Manen is your “host” this week. He is an international ASCAP and DOVE awarded singer and songwriter in his own right (he co-wrote the huge USA hit ‘Testify to Love’, but he also wrote for the likes of Cliff Richard, Taylor Dane, Wynonna Judd, Jacky Velasquez and also for Dutch artists like Willeke Alberti and Danny de Munck. He has a lot to tell about how you can develop yourself as a singer, how to stretch your limits, how to overcome stage-fright, and how not to overthink and lose the sheer fun of singing.

Esther Hart

Esther Hart is a very experienced singer ánd vocal coach. She knows what it takes to get your voice in top-condition. For years she has been – and still is the vocal-coach of successful artists like Marco Borsato and Edwin Evers. Your voice is an instrument, and Esther is great in teaching you what you can do with that instrument. Keeping your voice in shape is really important, especially when you do perform a lot and you want to keep on doing that. Esther has a very professional, but also very nice and relaxed way to work with singers, amateurs and pro’s.

She is part-time teacher at ArtEZ PopAcademy in Enschede, the Netherlands.

She also participated in the Eurovision Songfestival with the song “One more time”.

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